Frequently Asked

When can I join Ethos?

Students are welcome to join Ethos anytime throughout the year! We communicate with our instructors regularly to ensure every student is integrated seamlessly.

How long is each class?

Group classes are 2 hour long.
Seminars are 1 hour long.
Private classes are usually 1 – 1.5 hours long; however, this can vary based on each student’s needs.

How old do I need to be to join Ethos?

Our group classes accommodate those from Grades 6 to 12. However, we are happy to arrange private classes for those younger and older.

Which private instructor will I be assigned?

At Ethos, we want to guarantee that every student is paired with the most optimal instructor. Once you sign up, we will work with each student to map their goals and make instructor recommendations.

How many kids are in each group class?

Classes range in size from 6 to 18 students depending on enrollment and the type of class. Usually, there is one instructor for every 4-6 students.

What is a private class?

Private lessons are the best way for individual students or teams to work on individual skills with a dedicated instructor. Privates can range in size from one to five students. 

Before being assigned an instructor, students will have a meeting to discuss their goals and which instructors can best support their learning.

Does Ethos offer homework?

Continuing to learn outside of the classroom is one of the strongest ways to improve as a debater. Those who take private lessons with Jason will receive customized assignments that supplement the skills students work on in class. Similarly, those in private classes with other instructors will be able to request take home-assignments to be completed at home and discussed in their following class.
Ethos also provides resources available to all students such as our Twitter where current events are posted weekly alongside additional videos and educational resources.

What tournaments can I attend?

At Ethos, we recommend that every student tries to attend at least one tournament to put what they’ve learned in the classroom to practice! Most students will attend 2-3 tournaments every year while our most competitive debaters will attend 10-15. 

Is location an issue?

All classes are held online via Zoom.

Does Ethos offer financial assistance?

Ethos prioritizes access above all else and believe all students should be able to learn and grow from debate. Our expansive scholarship and bursary program offer accommodations to all eligible candidates.


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