About Ethos Academy

Ethos is a Greek word that encapsulates the values of our academy. On one level, Ethos refers to the persuasive technique of building up credibility in a discussion or debate, a crucial part of effective communication. Ethos also translates into the word ‘character’, reflecting our belief that educators must equip students with strong temperament along with communication skills. What sets us apart is our belief that a student’s success in debating, the classroom, and life requires both competence and character. 

At Ethos Academy, we focus on building not just the most effective communicators, but also a student’s confidence, compassion, and composure. 

In keeping with the value of good character, Ethos is committed to reflecting that in our own business practices. Debate coaching should be made accessible to more people, and as such, we offer large scholarships and engage in community outreach. If you’re interested in a scholarship or engaging in community outreach, please feel free to reach out!

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To equip students with the skills of persuasion today so they become the changemakers of tomorrow.

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Gain a global perspective.

Debating teaches you more about the world and offers the opportunity to travel around the world.


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Learn with like-minded and passionate students and coaches.


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Develop your intellectual curiosity and passions.

When no one believed in me, Jacqueline and Anna went the extra mile to support me so I could attain my wildest goals. They would organize extra preparation and coaching sessions for their students, despite already having packed schedules, and always checked in with us and held extra calls whenever we needed anything. Aside from their incredible generosity, Jacqueline and Anna hold years of expertise in debate that is clearly reflected in their coaching skills.

Emily Ni, Columbia-Sciences Po

Team Canada 2021

Jason played an absolutely formative role in my high school debate journey with Team Canada and I could not recommend him enough — for his world-class talents, inspirational mentorship, and unwavering passion for speech and debate.

Angela Li, Harvard University

Team Canada 2019-2020